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Oktoberfest review, sugar daddies and questions from our Discord users

The start of our Oktoberfest beer run a relaxed conversation with the WudUpDoe podcast guys

Trying out two home blended bottles and Patron McFaul shows up

A beer review, all the slang words for body parts

A beer review, discussion on the pussification of America

Episode the 67th - Over The Top

Mystery Whiskey review, arm wrestling, MMA

Whisky review followed by the final installment of the Gun Control in America mini-series with Delvin Cox and the guys from the WudUpDoe podcast

Whisky review followed by response and point of view on gun control

A beer review, Jeffrey Epstein, and movies

Whiskey review, wetsuits & hogtied, butt plugs, being a skeptic

Whiskey review, more whiskey, movies, a cliff jump

A cognac review, a beach story and a machete wielding crazy chick

A whiskey review, movies and porn

Beer review, need to know on personal hygiene, Oklahoma and its weed and 5 civilized Tribes

2 whiskey reviews, The Curse of Oak Island, and Jalepeno Penis

A beer review, fireworks, nuclear bomb/power, Ben Franklin

Crown Royal review, a listener question, a distillery tour

Happy Fathers Day! Whiskey review, breast milk, daddy issues and Aaron w/a pink dildo

Beer review, berries and Willy Wonka, Distillery Tour, TX Whiskey Trail, Training Day, Be Like Marc

Whiskey review, every subject possible with our #1, the OG patron Marc Zahra

First review of a beer, Idiots perspective on jewish stuff, Texas murders a murderer

A “blind” whiskey review w/a little lesson and some awesome music brought to you by East Texas’ own singer/songwriter Jonathon Allen

A scotch whisky review, squirrels, quinceaneras, female anatomy, and 3(ish) DWI stories

A scotch review, Chinese dick sucking machine, fruitcake, ass painting as art, new patron’s great idea, and some near death experiences

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