Episode the 62nd - Its A Trap!

This episode starts out with a review of Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey.

Aaron tells about what he saw one day while working to better his physical form at the gym, which leads to conversations about a US Territory, a few movies, and of course porn stars! We hope you enjoy! In fact, if you do, let us know by hitting us up on social media or through the website!

Whisky Review Ratings - Curtis - 7.5; Aaron - 7.5; Kelly - 7.5

Peerless Distilling Story

Inaugural Release of the Peerless Bourbon

Michter’s American Whiskey Legacy

Indigenous Ownership of Lands and Culture

Sex Robot Brothel in Houston, TX

Last Days of August (podcast - August Ames/Butterfly Effect (internet porn industry))

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