Episode the 60th - Capsaicin Don’t Play

In this episode we bring back one of our favorite special guests, Brian Jones, and we review two whiskeys. We start with Buck 8 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon and also revisit a previously reviewed, Patreon only exclusive, Oak & Eden Toasted Oak Handcrafted Whiskey.

From there, Aaron and Curtis skim the surface of the History Channel show The Curse of Oak Island, which Kelly quickly becomes bored with the conversation. Aaron and Kelly tell stories of encounters with capsaicin and discussions about Taco Bell. We hope you enjoy the show!

Whiskey Jug - Bucky 8 Year

 Whisky Review Ratings

  • Buck 8yr old Kentucky Straight Bourbon: Kelly - 4.5; Aaron - 5; Curtis - 4.5; Brian - 4.5

  • Oak & Eden Toasted Oak Handcrafted Whiskey: Kelly - 5; Aaron - 6; Curtis - 6; Brian - 5.5

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