Episode the 56th - May 18th 2002

We open with a review of 903 Brewers Dracarys Batch 1 Oak Aged Imperial Chile Stout.

After the review, and in true Bearded Idiots fashion this episode is squirrel heavy and includes references to things like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, brewing beer, the movie Training Day, ancho chiles, clown shoes, all while Kelly is attempting to tell us a pretty good story! Enjoy! 

Beer Review Ratings - Kelly: Not going to rate - would buy again; Aaron: 8; Curtis: 7.5   

Tahwahkaro Distillery

Kelly Sparks Tahwahkaro Distillery Tour (video)

Texas Whiskey Trail

Whiskey Tribe - Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co.

Austin, TX Whisk(e)y Marketing School

The Austin Whiskey Vault

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