Episode the 54th - Funky Jewbelation

We start the episode by reviewing our first beer, Shmaltz Brewing Co.'s Funky Jewbelation Barrel Aged Sour.

Our conversation goes from the video of Jewish dancers set to trap music, some of the offerings from Shmaltz Brewing Company, a story about the worst thing someone ever masturbated to, to the state of Texas exercising the death penalty on one of the men found guilty in the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. Buckle up and Enjoy!

“Whisky” Review Ratings - No rating given; Its very good but at $18, wouldn’t buy again to get drunk, maybe just to drink with a meal.

Adam Sandler’s Netflix Special (article)

Shmaltz Brewing - Beer Offerings

Brit Milah (about Jewish Circumcision)

Jewish Displacement (Diaspora)

Texas Executes John William King

Story on James Byrd Jr. (wiki)

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NSFW - Jews Dancing to A2M - I Got Bitches