Episode the 53rd - Jonathon Allen

We open with a review of Smooth Ambler Contradiction Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey and give our guest a crash course in tasting whiskey.

The conversation kicks off with Jonathon Allen a local singer/song writer that we heard playing at one of the bars we frequent, and knew right away that we needed to have him on the show. Jonathon gives us some back story on how he got into playing music and what it means to him to be a musician. He also plays a few of his songs live for us in the studio! Enjoy fellow Idiots!

 Whisky Review Ratings - Kelly: 6 (thought it was Low Rye); Aaron: 5.5 (thought it was Old Forrester); Curtis: 5.5 (thought it was a Bourbon Rye); Jonathon: 5 (wasn’t really sure, but thought it was a Rye)   

Songs in this episode brought to you by Jonathon Allen

  1. My Demons (written by Jonathon Allen)

  2. Nothing Left of You (written by Jonathon Allen)

  3. Cover of Fire Away (by Chris Stapleton)

  4. Cover of Ain’t No Sunshine (by Bill Withers)

  5. Cover of Grandmas Hands (by Bill Withers)

  6. Cover of Dock of the Bay (by Otis Redding)

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