Episode the 51st - Purple Squirt

We start with a review of Glenfiddich Experimental Series #04 Fire & Cane Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. In this weeks episode, we talk about the dick sucking machine for sperm donation, what a fruit cake is, and an interesting new way to create art. One of our newest Patrons, Jamie, gave us the idea to listen to our episodes at 1/2 speed, and believe us when we tell you the laughs alone are well worth going back to past episodes for a listen. Its a wrap after Kelly tells a few stories about wrecking his motorcycle.

 Whisky Review Ratings - Kelly: 7; Aaron: 7; Curtis: 7

Helping China Through Hard Times   

Keith Boadwee - Weird Ass “Artist”

Define: Apposite

Delvin Cox Experience

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