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A whiskey review and then all things Cabo San Lucas vacation 2019

We start with a tequila review and then chat about Snyder, TX, a dog park with a bar, Podcasting with friends, and Kelly’s preference in women

A whiskey review…..Thanks to all our listeners for their continued support! Happy 1st podcast anniversary!

Whiskey review, travel plans, and TSA what can be packed

A whiskey review, duck sex parts, trolling PETA & an instagram/PETA activist and favorite cuisine

Whiskey review, infinity bottle, best shoes store experience ever, all kinds of country folk and dirt roads, and just a little road rash

A whiskey review, rant about whiskey secondary market, more flat earth and science, and weirdness on the internet

A whiskey review, great conversation with Paycheck and Red about disgusting things guys send each other, growing up old school and in the country, drugs and more country folk talk

A whiskey review, kids are expensive, winters in the north vs. south, discussions of podcasting with special guests Brian (The Herfcast) and Red (Paycheck and Red)

Whiskey review, discussion about a listeners question, how to make whiskey friendly, quick recap on Texas Bourbon Shootout

Whiskey review, anal, hunting ethics and firework fails

Whiskey review, Curtis “Repairman” voicemail, time travel conspiracy, update from episode 36.

Whiskey review, drinking glasses, floating the Guadalupe, Stonehenge, and Dr. Wade’s Bachelor party

Whiskey review, back pain remedy, and randomness

A whiskey review, trip to a Texas distillery, and some abuse

Whiskey review and stories about our first/worst elicit drug use

A whiskey review and prepping for the apocalypse

A whiskey review, a “Dick Move”, the serial killer who lived next door to Jenni

A whiskey review, trans perspective, strip club story, the women’s perspective on sex

Whiskey review, listener gives Beezy a new nickname, Kelly’s parking lot confrontation and new conspiracy theory, robot dogs and could making

A whiskey review, Beezy’s death bed story, a missionary trip

A whiskey review, treasure hunting, and a big dick story

A whiskey review, an over the hill legal battle, silicone filled ballsack, and a sounder of swine

Whiskey review, bachelor parties, indestructible phones

A whiskey review, trip to Dallas, IG is tripping, and a tinder story

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