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A bourbon review, Kelly & Curtis’ YouTube fame, and kids say the darndest things

A whiskey review, ghosts, exorcism’s, and sleep paralysis

A whiskey review, more conspiracy theories, and why we hunt…

A whisky review, WWE/WWF talk, military dress and alpha code, and back in the old days…

Whiskey review, downed power lines, and a terrible dog sitter

Whiskey review, having kids is tough, World Beard Day, and the idiots go to TV show

2 Whiskey review’s, white & clean girl, Stayin’ Alive, and the Mandela Effect

Whisky review, is Alex Jones really Bill Hicks, and psychedelic drugs.

A whiskey review, satanic shenanigans, Before the Throne, and fellatio.

A whiskey review, airplane thief, password reset and end of life requests.

Whiskey review, "Dadgum", the "F" word, and conversation about dick pic's.

A risky whiskey mystery review, The Moon, Kelly's tranny's, simulated reality and deja vu

A whiskey review & stories from Mexico

Kilchoman Whisky Review, Tombstone, Top Gun, Military Planes, Technology and Star Wars

Knob Creek review, a crazy lady, agreeing to disagree, hair (in all forms), a terrible mother, and scary childhood movies

Laphroaig Whiskey review, Meet Randy, metal detecting, and a crazy hitchiker

Russell's Reserve whiskey review, more tattoos, wind, and a sentence of buffalo's

Whiskey review, bad tattoo, immigrants, a drunken fall, and family name legacy.

A whiskey review, a sex-capade, a king for a day

Conspiracy theories abound

Murder weapons & serial killers

Fitness with Nick Harmon

Just weirdness....

New equipment + whiskey = idiocy

The Bearded Idiots Podcast debut