Hey, thanks for wanting to know more about us. We are 3 friends who, from time to time, get together and talk some shit, typically while having a few drinks. Our conversations ramble from subject to subject, and we all have a different point of view based on our life experiences. We figured our conversations were worth cluttering up the podcast scene just a bit more. So here we are, idiots, with beards, talking to the internet. Follow us on our podcast instagram @beardedidiotspodcast or our personal instagrams:

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The Tattered Beans Special

Fellow Idiots! We are quite proud to bring you a very special episode of the podcast today! As always we opened with a quick review of Basil Hayden's Dark Rye Whiskey. We have teamed up with the good people over at Tattered Beans! We got to sit down with Jason Jean who started this awesome project and discuss exactly what they have going on, and how they are helping to support Veterans. We had a great time talking with Jason and are really looking forward to helping them get the word out on this project! Check out their website at tatteredbeans.com where you will find even more information!